Paintwork renovation

DetailingTwo-stage paintwork renovation

In terms of price and very good results, this is the optimal option.


Two-stage paintwork renovation – eliminates most scratches and all tarnish – restoring gloss to the paintwork. Depending on the hardness of the paintwork, the degree of scratching and tarnishing, we choose polishes and polishing pads – in order to obtain the best effect in two polishing cycles of the whole car, then we protect the paintwork with the highest quality wax.

*Please note – this option includes safe washing service in price!

*Before the polishing process, all rubber, decorative and plastic elements are covered so that they do not get damaged.

Retro GaragePrice list

Small cars

800 zł

Mid-size cars

1200 zł

Large cars

1600 zł

Time required: 1-2 days

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