Car purchase

Car purchase


When buying a used car, in particular a youngtimer or an oldtimer, it is necessary to check its technical condition very carefully – so that you can enjoy the dream of having a classics, instead of bothering yourself with astronomical expenses to bring it to a technical and visual condition that will allow the pleasure of having and using it.

Because there are many offers at inflated prices, inadequate to the car technical and visual condition and at the same time to its market value, we offer a reliable car inspection service before purchase, help in estimating its real market value, collector potential and price growth forecast.


Scope of activities:


measurement of paintwork thickness, fitting of car body elements

visual assessment of engine condition for leaks, corrosion, and wear 

assessment of fittings, rubber elements, engine suspension elements.

computer diagnostics (if possible)

Transmission: visual evaluation of gearbox, checking fluid level and efficiency, evaluation of clutch operating efficiency (if any), inspection of differential elements, driveshafts, etc.,

Brake system: measurement of brake fluid efficiency, visual assessment of brake lines, discs, blocks, jaws, drums, etc.

Suspension system: general visual assessment of the suspension system, checking for wear (looseness), checking the steering system.

Interior: checking the operation of equipment, completeness, and fixing of interior elements.

Steering system: visual assessment of elements; checking the transmission clearances; checking the steering rods; checking the steering rod ends; assessment of intermediate elements.

Road test: assessment of the engine efficiency and engine components while driving, checking the drive system, gearbox, checking the operation of car components while driving.

preliminary estimation of the costs of vehicle repair and necessary parts

checking the VIN and vehicle history

estimation of the real market value, collector potential, and price growth forecast


650 zł

Time required: 3-5 hours

* We are not liable for any latent defects which cannot be detected during inspections, and which are only visible after the dismantling of individual car components.

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