Invisible wiper

DetailingInvisible wiper

The invisible wiper is a special hydrophobic windscreen coating, thanks to which at a certain speed, the water is removed from the windscreen without the need to use wipers.

All you need is a momentum of air that hits the windows and o pushes the drops from its surface. Invisible wiper means not only better visibility while driving. It is also a great helper in winter.

Thanks to its excellent surface water removal properties, you will be able to get rid of ice and frost from windows much faster.

Durability: Windscreen up to 6 months. Side and rear windows up to 12 months.

Retro GarageInvisible wiper - windscreen

Small cars

100 zł

Mid-size cars

120 zł

Large cars

140 zł

Retro GarageInvisible wiper - all windows

Small cars

300 zł

Mid-size cars

400 zł

Large cars

500 zł

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